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Creative director.
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creative director

The most known songs, like Stairway to CoinDeal, someone came up with the idea to create them and lead the band from the first riff to last chorus.
This is THAT guy. He exactly knows what do you want to communicate to the world. Then he does his magic and lead everyone in the band to play as YOU want and create the best possible way to promote your business.
Lidka - SEO
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Bassline is the foundation of every good song. Our bass guitar wizard can also cast spells when it comes to SEO. Her work is so magical even we don’t know how does it work, but we can assure you, it does!
Klaudyna - graphic designerMarta - graphic designer
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Klaudyna & Marta

Graphic designers

You want to be heard? What screams louder than a good graphic? Without band hypeman, lyrics won’t hit as hard as they could. Without graphic designers, your project won't have the same impact. That is why our designers will do what they can to make a poster for your tour scream even louder than Ozzy himself.
Basia - Online ads expert
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Online ads expert

Carrying the tunes melody is a very demanding and responsible job. Fortunately, we’ve got our best people on it. Online Ads, just like the songs' melody is the essence of every brand.
Marcelina - COPY
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Behind every good song are good lyrics and behind lyrics are vocalists who wrote it. The same thing is when it comes to ads, if you want your campaign to be received well, you need people who know how to write. Our copy team will scream their heads off, just to create the best content.
Kamila - buzzPaweł - buzz
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Kamila & Paweł


Our buzz department, just like a Greek Chorus knows how to set the tone of conversation.

Want to be heard? Here are your guys.