How we work?

We are good at two things in life, music and marketing. We fell in love with blockchain technology because its ideology is similar to our favorite genre - Punk Rock.

This is the reason why we want to use our marketing-based skills in blockchain tech. We’ve cut our teeth on cryptocurrency marketing, that is why we know the most powerful influencers who love our records and share them with their community.

We will do our best to make your project “the best song in the world.” Work with us, and maybe even we will write a song about you?

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We like to hit hard, that is why the first thing we do is the strategy. Road trip you planned for your business is as essential as band tour, everyone who is interested, need to know what do you want to do.

We will use every instrument we have to achieve that; influencers, social media, ads, SEO and even that “Ace of Spades” from the sleeve. The blockchain technology is as fresh as electric-based music genres, every day there is a new original concept - because there is no limits in electro music. There is no instrument you need to play, only samples. For us, data is like a sample, and we use them in the best possible way.

Only two things are important. It needs to be the best. It needs to be a hit!

For us, not even sky is the limit; we are not afraid to mix genres. Classical music with Dubstep samples? Punk Rock on the piano? As we said, no limits!